The positive potential of GDPR – sharing data for the good of public health

Health Data

If medical innovators can find a way to promote trusted data-sharing that patients have control over, a world of possibility will open for more proactive and effective healthcare using IoT, AI and other enablers, says J Cromack, chief commercial officer at Consentric.

The opportunities for healthcare providers to harness the latest technology and make smarter use of data are boundless – from pre-empting patient conditions before symptoms worsen to targeting treatments more effectively, using everything from connected ‘wearable’ devices to artificial intelligence to look for the tiniest clues.

As health records that include medical images are captured digitally, and as more individuals willingly wear devices that monitor basic health signals, it becomes possible to build up a rich, connected and evolving picture of someone’s health – and trigger alerts and actions if something in the data is awry. Together, personal health apps, real-time data analytics and artificial intelligence offer a new way to think about keeping people well.

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