My Life Digital

Our Vision

MyLife Digital is committed to becoming the first Citizen-Centric data portal which will become the Gold standard in Personal Information Management, PIM as it's known. 

We provide individuals, or citizens, with the ability to safely store, manage and control their “life” data in a secure, private platform where they can retrieve, maintain and use their data at their convenience.

MyLife Digital is a data management services for both individuals and organisations, with the Citizen at the heart of our activities and services at all times.

Citizens can decide to share selective data with like-minded people who they trust not to abuse it (like sports coaches, charities or health organisations) which will reap rewards for both parties from the sharing of specific data (like performance indicators, injuries or blood sugar levels) to potential financial gain from companies paying for the data they provide (if they so choose).

We strongly believe that through creating higher levels of trust between host organisations and individuals regarding the use and analysis of data, new value propositions can be created.

This value accrues to both parties in different ways. Below are some real-world examples of value created by MyLife Digital and its group companies data services.

Real Life Examples

Elementary Benefits

In addition to benefits accruing from new processes and strategic capabilities such as those shown above there are even more benefits to be realised.

For organisations, MyLife Digital can remove legacy issues associated with data management and provide a cost effective, secure and compliant, with UK soverignty, service which presents the opportunity to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and drive business growth.