My Life Digital

The Consentric Platform - powered by MyLife Digital

The Consentric Platform is, in simplistic terms, a trust platform engine providing service components for organisations and their customers, which can include:

  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Data Management with Sharing Preference Control
  • Personal Data Stores (for Personal Information Management or PIM)
  • Authentication Services
  • Verified Digital Attributes
  • Secure File Vault

Combinations of the above components allow individuals to manage their own personal data quickly and conveniently via digital interaction on a secure, trust binding mechanism. This could be with many organisations and not just platforms that have been originally introduced to them by MyLife Digital and could help organisations to reach those all important customer engagement objectives and compliance with GDPR.

The platform will be made available to major Consultancies and Systems Integrators to be part of their toolkit to enable the provision of citizen centric data integration to their clients, often as part of a broader project.

Business Architecture