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My Life Digital

What we do

MyLife Digital provides organisations and individuals with a trusted platform built on security, convenience and control for Personal Information Management, or life data. We ensure you can organise who can see it, who can share it and what can be done with it.

MyLife Digital helps you unlock the potential and value of this data, whether this is by delivering informed insights from informed consent to support better life decisions or simply manage all your data in one safe place. We do this by using a highly trusted, secure technology platform which stores, protects and analyses data.

In the case of individuals or citizens, this is usually via a mobile or web-based application which helps manage the collection, analysis and presentation of information. We can also extend this service for user groups as diverse as professional or amateur athletes, people with specific health conditions and supporters of charities.

Our powerful analytics capabilities also mean that we can ingest large amounts of complex data and do something meaningful with it, for both organisations and their consenting members.


Trust influences nearly everything we do, so we have a rigorous approach to intrinsic data governance. Security, UK sovereignty, authentication and privacy policies are built-in to our Consentric platform, reducing the risks associated with external policy servers.

Data access, visibility and editing rights are tightly controlled via explicit configurations, which are transparent to our users. This helps overcome privacy issues associated with organisations holding members data by inverting the conventional model and putting the member in charge, in control and with full ownership of his or her data.

MyLife Digital maintains regular and extensive independent validation of alignment with the CESG Cloud Security Principles addressing:

  • Data in transit protection
  • Asset protection and resilience
  • Separation between consumers
  • Governance frameworks
  • Operational and personnel security
  • Identity and authentication

Finally, MyLife Digital operates on a UK Sovereign cloud platform delivered from two secure UK data centres owned by a UK company.