My Life Digital


We can work with you in a number of ways.

An initial conversation with our practice experts is a good starting point to explore the strategic issues we can help you with.

Or, one of our trust and security experts can share with you our citizen centric approach which would place your members in control of their data, which your organisation currently holds. We can examine how this approach could strengthen their trust in your organisation and help build a mutually beneficial value exchange.

Alternatively, we can explain, and demonstrate, the technical capabilities of the MyLife Digital platform to help you understand how it could be applied to your organisation or membership, whether that’s in sport, charity or other sectors.

Clear Process

We have a clear process [From Listen to Launch] which demonstrates how we take it from;

  • concept discussions
  • specification
  • planning
  • pilot - the service with real users

We also have experience in creating organisational-level business cases to attract investment for pilot and commercial projects. 

We have a rapid prototyping facility to enable time critical feedback from user groups and host organisation managers. 

As a service provider we have taken to heart the concepts associated with The Lean Startup methodology and apply them to all our prototype service development projects.


Prototype Development

It's not a question of “Can this service be created?” but rather “Should this service be created?” and “Can we build a sustainable service around this idea?”.

Any prototype development is more than just theoretical inquiry, it is first a service.

If, but more likely when, it is successful, it allows the host organisation to move forward with its grand idea: enlisting early adopters, adding members to further experiments or iterations, and eventually starting to build a service. By the time your service is ready for wider deployment, it will already have established users.

Once the "build-measure-learn" feedback process has been established, it will become clear whether a service is moving the drivers of the host organisation's business model or not. If not, it is an indication to make amendments or strategic course corrections.