GDPR Market Research – Take a Look at the Businesses Getting it Right

In the wake of GDPR legislation, finding a way to encourage people to share their personal data more widely is crucial to enabling the service breakthroughs everyone wants. But there’s a level of trust that needs to be built first, says J Cromack of Consentric

Much of the potential of smart city initiatives relies on unprecedented sharing of data between different parties – from council departments and transport/infrastructure managers to the app companies coordinating innovative new services.

Some of this data will come from the people passing through and engaging with these cities – and not all of it will be aggregated, anonmysed population data. In Southhampton, for instance, local residents can now carry a single City Council ‘smart’ card which can be used interchangeably as a bus pass, donor card, library card, leisure card, and toll card for crossing the Itchen Bridge. Something that would not be possible without the council and affiliated service providers being able to share citizens’ data.

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