Customers Who Bought This Also Bought… (Or, Why Can’t We All Be Amazon?)

Jon Kelly, Wood for Trees Deputy MD, shares his thoughts on Next Best Action (NBA), marketing your product range and why charities can’t expect to emulate the online behemoths – yet. To learn more about Next Best Action, see our overview paper here. Jon will be speaking about NBA with our client Concern at the Institute of Fundraising National Convention at noon on Monday July 2nd 2018.

Here’s a story I heard in the very early days of Amazon’s recommendation engine. An avid fan of Manchester Utd. had just purchased a video of highlights of their Premier League-winning season. Just as this was delivered to his door he received an email from Amazon suggesting he may also be interested in owning a video of Arsenal’s title conquest the season before… Even the non-football fans amongst you I hope will get the irony of this.

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