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We are Rethinking Data to Deliver Change

At MyLife Digital we believe it’s time organisations gave back control of their personal data to the individual. The citizen is at the heart of how organisations collect, connect, analyse and share their data.

This view is backed by years of wide ranging research. From Privacy Policies to the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Bill. We assess the current and forthcoming legislation against how organisations need to manage their customers personal data.

We help organisations prepare for the GDPR ahead of the May 2018 deadline, addressing the challenges this will bring.

Our Consentric Platform offers the opportunities to:

  • Go beyond data compliance to address the concerns of the citizen. 
  • Be transparent and adopt best practice to strengthen trust and deliver a true Digital Understanding.
  • Build better, deeper and lasting relationships with your donors, supporters, customers, employees, members, athletes and service users.
  • Realise the meaning, value and power of data.
  • Manage the what (data), who (has access) and why (purpose) aligned to the six Processing Justifications of GDPR with Consentric Permissions.
  • Capture real time data with Consentric Engage.
  • Delve deeper to discover insights, from consented data, using machine learning with Consentric Value Index.


It’s time to create the new economy with personal data as the currency and trust as the credit rating. Consentric is your single source of data truth.

Informed insight from informed consent.