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My Life Digital

The MyLife Digital Group has strong foundations in sport. Part of the group consists of a team of highly experienced sports performance professionals. PGIR Limited (trading as Insight Analysis) offer their wealth of knowledge in the elite sports arena to clubs and teams across the UK.

Insight Analysis provide a wide range of services including:

  • video collection
  • video tagging and coding
  • performance analysis
  • equipment management
  • coach support
  • management information systems development 
  • training camp analytics

The main focus is on performance analysis of teams and individuals, using the latest technology and methodologies for gathering, organising and reporting the vast range of data collected from a large number of sources, such as video and body sensors. 

We help high performing teams establish key performance indicators for ongoing monitoring purposes.

Within the Rugby Union sector, Insight Analysis hold the prestigious sports analysis contract with the RFU and have since its inception. As a result of the excellent customer service provided, the RFU has extended the services required as have other associated organisations within the Elite rugby game, some as part of the contract and others as additional services.

We regularly undertake bespoke projects for clients. We also deliver multi-disciplinary projects and can collaborate with both sport and business leaders to provide systematic and innovative answers to performance questions. 

With our experience and knowledge at both the elite and grassroots levels in rugby, cycling, squash, canoeing, wrestling and water polo, we offer a service which is second to none.

Our sport practitioners hold high levels of accreditation with the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport (ISPAS) and the English Institute of Sport.

We are skilled at working with a jigsaw of disparate data sources of different types and formats, located in diverse places across the globe, with ownership (and therefore rights of use) governed by a variety of frameworks.


Consentric Engage

We place athletes (and coaches) at the centre of our data model and regulate who, what and when the performace data can be shared. Whether ingesting large volumes of data such as game footage or small pieces of data such as an athlete’s race time, the same rigorous approach is taken to data governance.

The data is sense and error checked, can be overlaid or appended with other data sources, transformed and abstracted, visualised and filtered. It can be aggregated up for national governing bodies, or drilled down and expanded into to reveal insights for individual athletes.

Our athlete centric privacy and sovereignty features place the individual in charge, enabling them to share their performance and other data with coaches, squads, clubs and pathway programmes as their sporting career progresses. Sport specific applications can be created to enable athletes to chart their improvements, analyse their data and ensure compliance with coaching, medical and nutritional protocols.

Engage enables data to be captured in real-time, both online and offline. Whether it’s recording the performance, health and wellbeing, contentment and engagement, or satisfaction of sports teams or individuals.

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