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Better Data Analysis For Charities

Wood for Trees

Part of the MyLife Digital Group, Wood for Trees has an established presence and reputation in charity analytics.

We can provide a wide range of services to charities and not for profit organisations. We place the focus firmly on unlocking data to generate insights and we work with many well known organisations to help improve their performance.

With an excellent reputation and multiple awards for providing valuable insight, strategic recommendations and pragmatic advice we've improved the fundraising capabilities, efficiencies and performance for many not for profit organisations by enhancing their database systems and the data they hold.

Building on these successes we are able to offer our expertise further afield to other sectors by combining our talents with MyLife Digital to provide additional services, aligned to the General Data Protection regulation.

Our mission is to develop greater confidence and transparency in a digital world. Consumer trends and Government aspirations are simultaneously demanding that the data assurance landscape becomes more structured and accountable, so that the benefits, inherent in the resulting information, can be realised.

Keeping better data promotes clearer strategic thinking. The Decision Making Process becomes easier when there is confidence in your data insights; not just for past events, but also for forecasting and prospecting for the coming months and years.

A coherent approach to data understanding can reveal patterns that may have always been there, but which were previously obscured by the sheer volumes of data needing to be manipulated. In parallel, we work on producing straightforward data facts. We can help you shed more light on:

  • Organisational data structures, rules, definitions and how data is coded
  • Processing contact details of an entire database, assessing hygiene and duplication status
  • Geographic and demographic profiles 
  • Trends over time by different audiences
  • Relational matrices showing how the organisation is engaged with
  • Retention trends over time to determine overall growth of the database
  • Assessment of long term value patterns


MyLife Digital for Charity

We’ve developed our own custom processes in the Consentric platform to enable lean, precise data. In some cases we’ve adapted existing approaches and learning to better suit automated scaling; in others, we’ve built our own tools, such as Donor Index, simply because nothing currently exists in the marketplace to provide the results we require.

We have a number of strategies that can be utilised to enhance your records and data:

  • Data hygiene: the platform parses your records so that common data such as names and addresses are accurately recorded and stored, enforcing rationalisation and standardisation that can deliver a significant improvement in the accuracy of your analysis.
  • Customer view: we can build effective extended databases from multiple silos within your organisation, enabling you to build detailed profiles of your customers and to develop new and revealing customer insights over a range of products and services.
  • Data enhancement: we can increase the scope of data, perhaps through adding new fields from separate sources, or by using existing data to create data marts that are focused and optimised for client-specified purposes.
  • Self-cleaning databases: we can establish systems that correct and format data as it's imported into your database, from any internal or external data feed. What’s more, if a data feed record could potentially match more than one database record, you have control over which it should be matched with. This way you know new records are already optimised, saving you valuable time and resources later.